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In this course you will explore the statuses and workflows for all financial documents. Recommended Roles: Administrator, various Financials Roles Read More

In this course, you will learn how the new multi-legal entity capability permits users to share contracts and resources across multiple legal entities with robust resource planning and scheduling, accurate and automatic revenue attribution and cost assignment, and automatic consolidation and elimination, all while maintaining the integrity of the Balance Sheet and P&L. Recommended Roles: Administrator, P&R Administrator, GL Admin, Project Manager, Resource Assigner, Project Viewer Read More

In this course you will learn the features and functionality in the Time, Expense, Tracking and Portfolio areas to grant users access to create the authorizations for charging time and expenses to a project. Recommended Roles: Resource Assigner Read More

In this course you will learn how project assignments function and how to use this feature to manage your projects. Recommended Roles: Project Administrators, Resource Managers Prerequisite: Unanet GovCon: Using Project Profiles Read More

In this course you will get a high-level review of project reporting for direct costs, indirect costs, margin, average labor rates, and other relevant metrics. This will include five standard reports that utilize Cost Reports, as well as Purchasing and other Financial Reporting capabilities. Recommended Roles: Administrators, Project Managers Read More

In this course you will be shown how to use Project Labor Categories to meet specific project requirements. Recommended Roles: Administrator, P&R Administrator, HR Administrator Read More

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