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In this course, you will learn tips for completing a checklist for administrative and financial updates to close your system, and prep for the next fiscal year. Read More

In this course, you will learn how total project costs are calculated by reviewing how cost elements and the components of cost structures are used and the relationship between cost elements, cost structures, and cost pools. You will also review cost pool group set up, cost pool account hierarchies and cost pool calculations to manage actual indirect rate calculations. You will also learn about the reports that utilize the cost report definitions, understand the values available for related formulas, and modify rows as needed to create reports. Recommended Roles: Administrator, GL Administrator, P&R Administrator Read More

In this course you will learn how Organizations are used to maintain information about internal and external entities, and the steps to add, view, and manage Organizations within the system. Recommended Roles: Administrator, P&R Administrator, Billing Manager, GL Administrator, AP Administrator, AP Poster, AP User, AP Viewer, AR Administrator, AR Poster, AR User, AR Viewer, Contact Manager, Contact Viewer Read More

In this course you will learn how journal entries function, how to create and manage journal entries, and identify the reports necessary to analyze journal entry activity in the general ledger. Recommended Roles: Administrator, GL User, GL Poster, GL Viewer Read More

In this course, you will learn how to utilize the contract management functionality to add, modify, and report on contracts.  Recommended Roles: Contract Manager, Contract Viewer, P&R Administrator, Administrator  Read More

In this course, you will learn how the new multi-legal entity capability permits users to share contracts and resources across multiple legal entities with robust resource planning and scheduling, accurate and automatic revenue attribution and cost assignment, and automatic consolidation and elimination, all while maintaining the integrity of the Balance Sheet and P&L. Recommended Roles: Administrator, P&R Administrator, GL Admin, Project Manager, Resource Assigner, Project Viewer Read More

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