Unanet GovCon | Administering the System (ILT)

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Gwen Hess

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In this course, you will review processes specific to general administration of the system and practice creating and modifying the configuration of the Admin Setup tables, including Accounting, Approval Groups, Expense, People, and Time. This is an advanced course for experienced Unanet users who have completed the following prerequisite content: 

  • Unanet GovCon: Setting Up Projects (ILT) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Managing Project Resources (ILT) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Analyzing Project Metrics (ILT) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Using Billing and Process Revenue Management (ILT) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Administering the Subcontractor Portal (ILT) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Using Accounts Payable (ILT) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Using Purchasing (ILT) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Using Accounts Receivable (ILT) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Using General Ledger (ILT) 

Alternatively, learners who have passed the following assessments may attend this course: 

  • Unanet GovCon: Accreditation Assessment for Setting Up Projects (TST) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Accreditation Assessment for Project Resource Management (TST) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Accreditation Assessment for Analyzing Project Metrics (TST) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Accreditation Assessment for Billing and Revenue Process Management (TST) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Accreditation Assessment for Accounts Payable (TST) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Accreditation Assessment for Accounts Receivable (TST) 

  • Unanet GovCon: Accreditation Assessment for General Ledger (TST) 

Recommended role: Administrator 


Course Duration: 4 half days from 1pm-4pm ET

CPE Credits: 8

Unanet affirms our commitment to the delivery of high quality continuing professional education in compliance with the Statement of Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs and the program requirements of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.


In this course you will learn how to: 

  • Create new Organizations and modify existing Organizations to reflect internal department structure and external business entities  

  • Configure Bank Accounts to ensure accurate reconciliation of transactions 

  • Create Payment Terms to apply discounts to both customer and vendor payments  

  • Create and modify Cost Elements, Cost Structures, and Cost Report definitions to incorporate new Expense Types 

  • Customize Invoice Number formats and Invoice formats based on customer needs or contract specifications 

  • Create custom Time Periods and set work hours to manage split periods  

  • Create and modify Approval Groups 

  • As part of the fiscal year-end closing, create the list of Holidays for the next fiscal year, map them to a Holiday project, and create People assignments to auto-populate timesheets with Holiday hours  

  • Create an accrual plan based on hours worked and restricted by Location, and use accrual reports to validate the plan calculations 

  • Create a Person profile and Project assignment to enable a new user to use the system 

  • Configure Employee Types to control applicable Pay Codes and Expense Types for end users 

  • Import credit card transactions and manage unassociated transactions to prevent duplication 

  • Modify an existing timesheet using the Admin Adjustment functionality  

  • Review the differences between notifications and reminders and identify which to enable to improve operational efficiency 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion - Virtual

Learning Credits


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Unanet GovCon: Administering the System (ILT)
Unanet GovCon: Administering the System (ILT)
Unanet GovCon: Administering the System (ILT)
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