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This webinar will demonstrate how to easily calculate indirect rates, bill for rate variance, identify unallowables, and generate the schedules used in the Incurred Cost Submission. Read More

In this session, you will learn how  to use the new advanced costing functionality to implement a rate "override" or "cap" on either target or provisional indirect rates (or both) at the project or task level. Read More

Criteria for reporting matters, and the basic setup during implementation provides the foundation for success. Once implementation is complete, validation of the nomenclature for chart of accounts and organization codes for Financial Organizations, Vendors, Subcontractors and Projects (Contracts) become critical for accurate reporting and financial tracking. This session will include tips for success learned post-implementation. Read More

Have questions about your Unanet System properties? In this session, you will learn how System Administrators can customize the behavior of Unanet by modifying a variety of system properties. We will review what properties need to be set for DCAA compliance and which are optional, how to generate timesheet messages, how to deploy a stored procedure, how to set a dashboard message for a particular group of users, as well as some useful tips and tricks. Read More

In this course, you will learn about the newest features included in the Unanet GovCon 23.9 release including: MLE enhancements with Intercompany Labor Adjustments; updates to the Subcontractor Portal including Analytics, an expense wizard, and manager timesheet editing; mobile app expense requests; new data objects and improved data objects in Analytics; Purchase Order enhancements including contracts and contract clauses, and promised date and delivery date; editing Contract Modifications; and ordering included company links in the Quick Help menu. Read More

In this course, you will review the system settings needed to utilize the Subcontractor Portal, develop a process for creating and onboarding new subcontractor users, and practice approving timesheets and expense reports submitted in the portal.    Recommended Roles: Manager, HR Administrator, P&R Administrator, Administrator    Course Duration: 1 day from 1pm-4pm ET  CPE Credits: 2 Unanet affirms our commitment to the delivery of high quality continuing professional education in compliance with the Statement of Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs and the program requirements of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Read More

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